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Викторина “The English-Speaking Countries”


внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку

Тема разработки: Викторина "The English-Speaking Countries"

Мателиал подготовила: Ковешникова А.В., учитель англиского языка МБОУ "Оборонинская сош"

Категория участников: учащиеся 11 А класса

Ход викторины

I. Вступительное слово учителя

Good afternoon, dear teachers and students. Welcome to our game. I am sure you like to watch this game on TV and you know its rules. But we have changed them a little. The weak link won't be chosen by the members of the team, it will be chosen by our judges.

I want this game to be fair. The theme of this game is " English-speaking countries". Our rounds will be in English and Russian in turn.

Taking part in the game are eleventh-form students.Let them introduce themselves (идёт представление каждого игрока)

As there is no computer in our classroom i have invited a competent jury to count the points. The members of jury are...(идёт представление членов жюри-преподавателей и гостей)

Dear guests, the members of our jury, take your places, please. At the end of the game our jury names the most quick- witted and the cleverest person. And now, let's begin the first round.

Good luck!


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